LONELINESS – Utter bliss

humans are the most social creatures on earth. Our dependencies on each & everything, be it on other human beings create a web around us.. some of us are the spiders who create & rule the web; some are the insects who get entangled in it.

even when we try to break open, sometimes it destroys us; tarnish our souls; takes away something.! in order to reduce the scathe we need to apprehend that self-love, narcissism,Β  self-centredness are an inevitable part of human existence. when we rise above these traits we will only encounter deep set hollowness. sooner or later this realization needs an acceptance.

so, what to do if you are caught in a web?
BREAK IT OPEN & FLY..!! detach yourself from anything that doesn’t make you happy. understand that you do not need someone else to complete your life… it is absolutely okay to cry alone or even enjoy alone..:) show yourself that you are strong enough to let go of anything or anyone.

keep your happiness a top priority. seek solace within yourself, because the seed of self fulfillment lies within you.!! nurture it with optimism, contentment & benignity.. watch that seed grow into a beautiful fruit bearing tree..:)


14 thoughts on “LONELINESS – Utter bliss

  1. I read this and it resonates with me – but I’m changing.
    I have done a lot of this: “show yourself that you are strong enough to let go of anything or anyone”.
    I find that I am changing though, because I recognise that I need to have a balance of love and detachment. I was previously too detached.
    Love though has to be the right kind. It has to flow from up above, through me and out to the world. If the direction is reversed, then comes sorrow (sooner or later), because love that comes from the outside in creates dependency (on those bright eyes or that loving smile or that kind touch).
    I guess you know all this already Krati, but it clarifies it for me to put it into words.
    Thanks for giving me food for thought and for allowing me to share in return. πŸ™‚

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    1. And I too resonate with each and every word of yours. You’ve just mentioned another great perspective about it.. πŸ™‚ it gives me immense pleasure to know that my writings could convey some meaning. πŸ™‚
      Thanks a ton robert. πŸ™‚

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