TRUST, BETRAYAL & . . . . . .

for this write up i choose not to complete the title, and let the incompleteness complete my thoughts..
for this title i chose the  two words “trust” & “betrayal”, something which we all have endured  at some point & if you haven’t then i suppose you belong to a ‘privileged class’ which is actually a rarity but yet a possibility.

so let us move step by step to analyze these words.. “TRUST” the first thing we learn to do in our whole lifetime.. “TRUST” the very essence of life.
it is the trust whether on ourselves or family/friends or anyone which keeps us moving. it is the word which sums up the very essence of all relations.sometimes it reflects your naiveness, at other times it shows your strength, your courage to believe in someone.!

unfortunately, trust is the most fragile thing in this world. once broken it is impossible to mend it. “BETRAYAL” mostly followed by trust is one of the most unbearable consequence.. so if you ever ended with such a consequence than what to do?
i would say..”forgive”; not the person who did this but forgive yourself. don’t blame yourself for the consequence on which you didn’t have any control. don’t be harsh on yourself whether you trusted the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ person, ‘good’ or ‘bad’ person.. you did it then for your sake & you will forgive now for your sake.:)
after taking the first step the next is introspection of ‘yourself’, ‘your rationale’, ‘your reasons’.. let go of anything that harmed you emotionally or physically.. SMILE, RISE & SHINE..:)


3 thoughts on “TRUST, BETRAYAL & . . . . . .

  1. Just listening to this while I’m reading your post and it is making me smile so much!

    Trust -> Betrayal -> Forgive -> Introspect
    How about:
    Introspect (find your true nature as a spiritual being) -> Trust (God) -> Love (always with God in front of the thing or person you are loving) -> Happiness
    You know this already, I know. You know of “the all mighty himself (who) created the world” so you know that those things (and people) that we love in the world are all created by God, so it’s just a small step to put God into the picture.
    Thanks for this Krati – sorry if my thoughts seem so contrary to yours, but I believe that they are actually identical – at the heart of the matter.

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