LET IT GO. . . .

Everyone does not get everything in life, but I got nothing.
My hands got charred; cracked; wounded & are bleeding only because I was trying to hold on to somethings which were never meant to be mine….
Sometimes there comes a saturation point, when you no longer feel the pain, I want to be immune from this pain but before breaking myself. I want to survive & live before begging for death. But you can just sit like an idol and watch.

i wish I was made up of metal, a bullet proof metal which is not affected by fire.
I have to accept everything good, bad or worst. I have to heal.
whatever you have for me I will take, I will take everything. But you didn’t play it fair with me. You gave me much more pain than I can endure. You didn’t play it fair god.. I begged in front of you, but you didn’t listen.
You broke me again.. Why? Why? Why?

But still i will let it go. . . . . . . . . . . . . .


9 thoughts on “LET IT GO. . . .

  1. Maybe, there was a reason why he gave you a tough assignment. The reason will be answered sooner or later. Hold on till then, good things are meant for all, you will get your share soon.

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