I am broken, torn & hurt. My own pieces are killing me! eating me!
save me from myself, save me from every damn feeling in my heart. protect me from the sorrows for now my capacity of endurance is full.
Save me before I burst & break into millions of pieces which are impossible to put together, or give me strength & more strength to forgive; to forget; to be so indifferent that nothing should have the capacity to tear me apart.
But strengthening a building with weak foundation will help? giving medicine to a person immune to them will help? gathering small & fragile bits which can be blown away by a small whirl of wind will help??

if it will then save me, gather me, protect me!
Save me. . . . . . . .

You snatched every thing that meant something, every little thing that mattered..!
I am rendered speechless because I am tired of speaking. I don’t have words any more. But I will try to fight with you.
I want to see how miserable you can possibly make my life. How many tears you want me to endure. i will see and wait.
If tears are what make you happy I will shed them… I will shed them until my soul is empty, until I possibly can, until every bit of me can work I will shed.

I will patiently watch and analyze your wickedness, your injustice, your will to make it worst.

I will watch   I will fight  I will wait……..


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