‘looking pretty today’ ‘hey, nice picture’ We all get such kind of compliments & acknowledge them too. After all beauty is a craving and appraisal an upliftment.
This brings me to a question… what is beauty..???
It is the way YOU LOOK, YOUR COMPLEXION, YOUR MEASUREMENTS. . . .NO.!! unfortunately “NO”.
BEAUTY is not a shallow term, but rather a profound term way beyond what any one of us perceive.
Anyone who possess an ardor and zeal. Someone who can dauntlessly face anything despite being scared. It is climbing the mountain despite knowing that you might fall.
Being beautiful is smiling even though the soul is weeping. It is sacrificing your sleep because someone needs you. It is lifting up the person who is not able to see or feel the beauty in them. It is bringing smile to all the faces you come across. It is loving the personality rather than the person. It is about counting and keeping your words and being honest. BEAUTY IS EVERYTHING WHICH LIES BEYOND OUR SIGHT.
It is not the angle you take selfie from, it is not the number of likes you get, it is not the makeup you wear. It is about the SPUNK AND COURAGE TO EMBRACE YOURSELF. To put forward the best in you, to create your own scales of perfection.

No one is beautiful for a day or in a day. BEING BEAUTIFUL IS A RESPONSIBILITY. It takes a lot to be beautiful. You need to possess a lot of strength to go through some serious shit.!! You have to accept all criticism before finally discarding it. You have to let go of many hands because they were holding you from becoming what you are. It is about standing up with with even greater strength and vigor after you have fallen down. IT IS GATHERING THOSE BROKEN PIECES AND PUTTING THOSE UP TO FORM A MASTERPIECE. It is knowing who deserves your attention and who doesn’t; WHO DESERVES YOUR TRUST AND WHO DOESN’T. It is parting away with every thing that can harm you. It is knowing that you deserve unconditional love because you are ready to give that. It is knowing YOUR WORTH and TRUSTING YOUR ABILITIES.
It is knowing who deserves your silence and who deserves your justifications.
It is how you treat the demons inside yourself and others.

Being pretty doesn’t make you beautiful, being ordinary doesn’t make you beautiful either.
BEAUTY LIES IN CHIVALRY; IN RESPECT; IN INTEGRITY. Love is beautiful, empathy is beautiful.!! they run deeper than the skin. They appeal to people’s souls, not their lust.

BEAUTY IS IN THE DEPTH OF YOUR WORDS and a beautiful person will never hurt.
beauty is in your dreams and your willingness to work on yourself, to get better with each passing moment.



23 thoughts on “YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL TODAY. . .:)

  1. Yeah – I agree, but surely the physical must be included too. All of creation has to be in there. Maybe ‘appearance’ is just the shallow end of the beauty pool, but surely it is a part of it. But by that I mean ALL appearance – not just that of those people that have even features, smooth skin and radiant youth.
    I just heard this phrase – ‘perfect imperfections’ in a song, which sounds pretty, but surely ‘perfect perfections’ is closer to the truth. I need to work on this. I need to include the whole of everything in my definition of beauty.
    Sigh – thanks for making me think Krati.


    1. Thanks for this comment robert.. :D. For sharing your views on this.. πŸ™‚ means a lot.. :). Loved this “”appearance’ is just the shallow end of the beauty pool, but surely it is a part of it.””

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