sleep… close your eyes and for once forget everything…

good, bad, sad, happy.. let every emotion gather in  a swirls and disappear, just like birds fly to their nest as soon as the sun set. let the thunder of all happenings turn into rain whose petrichor will enthrall your soul.

It’s okay to stare at your tousled hair that you didn’t have the strength to brush them, and laugh at yourself. It’s okay to accept the fear and apprehensions, just to remind yourself of the vigor you possess. it’s okay to watch re runs of the same show for the sixth-and-fortieth time and cry when it ends, like your life depends on it- may be it really does, if it keeps u safe from the abyss, for those six hours of pixelated escape.

it’s okay to think of ancient, inconsequential things that hurt you in the past and let the misery wash over you.. it’s okay to do all the weird and wonderful things you do and not justify them. just feel the pulse that is pumping in you.. feel the life and fade into the wonderland of your dreams… sleep.. and close your eyes. 🙂


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