Unsent LeTTerS. #5 (a letter to those fighting their own battles and miseries)

This is a letter to anyone feeling low, disappointed, lonely, or lousy. Whatever you might be going through.. I hope it just helps… In no way I am here to teach you philosophy or try to show you the positive side by telling the same old chiche “the glass is not half empty but half full” neither I intend to make things better. Time has the power to do that or perhaps you.. Not me. I am just here for a single purpose.. To say those things to you which you are perhaps dying to hear. All of us are not blessed enough to have that luxury of some words and hear them especially when we need them the most… So this is for you..!

Go.. Get up and look at yourself in the mirror…look Beneath this shell of body you were born in, look into your eyes.. Do you see how brave you are?? I do. How brave you are for being a part of this sadistic world when you don’t want any.. How brave you are for smiling even when your soul is weeping. How much you try to fit in because it gets too silent in your comfort zone? It’s Okay.
“You are not alone”
Lightly darling… Take it lightly… Do not hold on those baggage for they are only pulling you down.. Free your self darling… Free your self.. Have the strength to move away from anything which isn’t adding any value. Very few people have the strength to dust off the bad things in life and I know you have that strength.. Just don’t give up okay..!
Do you remember the songs you used to love 5 years ago..? Make a list darling.. Make a list of all those things that make you feel so goddamn glad that you are alive. It doesn’t have to be complicated things… It can be as simple as watering plants, going for a nice walk, or that sunshine that seeps your bed at 10:00AM, spending time with your pet, dancing in rain, eating pizza while watching your favorite show or even searching for how many people have the same name as yours..! How Wonderful would that be..?
Know what those things are..

Do things that mend you.
And if you feel that these things don’t intrigue you anymore.. Then.. Hey.. There’s a whole wide world full of new things.. Find them and you will soon gravitate towards them..! Cut that rope that holds you down.. Be your own anchor.
Remember.. There will always be people who give you a piece of their heart.. They stay with you and hold you tight even when you are falling apart.!

Build walls that protect you once again.. Decorate those walls with beautiful paintings.. Build windows and doors… It’s not sad or lonely to build walls.. Just don’t build those walls to lock your self in or lock everyone out. Others will never get tired of looking in, you will get tired of looking out. Just don’t be miserable.. Protect yourself okay?.
Don’t you see.. Life is so so Short.. It is not a practice life either..!
Know your worth darling.. Assess yourself.. Know what went wrong. Love yourself ( i promise it’s not as tough as it seems ).

Strive for what you want of yourself. You’ll stumble and fall on your face while you do… but never stop believing you’re enough and you’ll get there… 🙂


79 thoughts on “Unsent LeTTerS. #5 (a letter to those fighting their own battles and miseries)

  1. Your words reached my heart once again (I shouldn’t be surprised any more :D)…..and as ur tagline goes….you aren’t just playing with words but creating magic with it, touching hearts, touching lives…..This beautifully penned letter is gonna help alot of people out there who soo v needed these words to recreate the happiness they always deserved and will….Kudos to you girl….Keep going :)))

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    1. Antra and your words delved soo deep into my heart…. <3. I am extremely touched with your words.. :). i am so glad that this resonated with you.. 🙂 really tried to add some value through it and you don’t know how accomplished I feel after reading your feedback. 🙂

      Thanks a lot girl. 🙂 ❤

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  2. Good letter indeed . Wish you could post the letter to me with a hand written note . But now is the world of Internet , Face Book , Twitter & Snapchat . Wish you could read my Book on short stories : Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara . It’s available worldwide on Amazon.com for 9.99 $ . There is a story : What’s Happiness ?

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  3. Whatever you wrote is wrong. In the first paragraph,I mean. In this post, you touched life with you words and in process revealed philosophy, and you must have made someone feel better through this post. Yet another part of life you touched through this series. Keep innovating 🙂

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    1. Hahah. You’re right I guess.. when I started writing it.. I didn’t intend to write anything philosophical.. but as writers philosophy comes as an inevitable part 😉

      Thanks a lot admin.. 😀 your feedback is as always most valued.. 💕

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  4. its amazing dear…..you are so wonderful…..I loved it….so touching…I must tell really touching…it was just like my best friend speaking to me when I am depressed….so very good…that I cant exactly tell you how wonderful it is

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  5. Wonderful blog. But why did you decide to follow me? I mean, I don’t have any work published there. Also, I’m not a great writer. I only read blogs and comment on them,esp. Poetry❤. Just wondering why……

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    1. I thought there is a glitch in my browser that’s why I am not able to see your work. (It happened with me a few time)
      Anyway you can contemplate on writing something as well. 🙂
      Thanks for your comment here. 🙂


  6. Krati! 💗
    I was busy for a few days,i opened wordpress today,and how could i forget to check out your blog!
    This is amazing again!
    Your words made me feel so positive,so hopeful….
    You express really well babe😍
    Do things that mend you.-This line stole my heart.
    I smiled,i smiled with hope while i was reading this.😊
    Its a treat,to read whatever you write Krati.
    Im so fond of your words.
    Keep it up 😊
    Stay blessed😘😘😘

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    1. Ohh… pratishtha… u don’t know how much I treasure your comments.. 😍😘 luv ya babe.. 😘
      You are an inspiration.. 😃😘😘 😘

      And it’s totally okay because your words are worth the wait.. 😘

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      1. Am glad that you are glad…. This post is of great help to many others.. You are doing a great job… It’s like helping other to find themselves worthy enough to live their remaining life:)


      2. Just tc
        … You and your writings are very important and indeed required on this society which is filled with hatred, distrust, lack of self confident …. Thank you so much
        .. 🙂


  7. Direct person speech helps a lot. It is motivating and definitely boosts morale.
    If your unsent letters can do so much magic, what do you think your sent letter would be like ?

    “Letters from Juliet” – do you know of it? I can think of you being one of those kind.

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  8. Hi. Most of my old site data got lost when I was transfering it to the new address. So reconnecting for time being from here. Follow me on this address – sharingtidbits.wordpress.com 🙂

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  9. Every word was heart felt. Lines like “Be your own anchor” and the “walls and lock” thing were too good. And the best part, none of it was cliche. You did a great job.. 🙂
    Keep going.. 🙂


    1. ohh… This was my first attempt to write a story.. like fiction. since I’m not an avid reader I sought my story writing venture would not be that good. so glad you found it worth reading. do leave the link of your post as well. would love to read.. 😀

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