She’s an enigma
A reason to sparkle..
My world starts and ends on you
The day I opened my eyes I saw you and since that day i’ve known what true love is.
The umbilical chord never detached because you were always there with me.
When those daemons clawed me your sweet lap was there to make me feel impregnable.
Those days when I gave you the sleepless nights, you woke up with me trying to console a crying child.
Those days of desolation and gloom when I thought that the whole damn world was doomed.. Your love showed the way. It made me see the good. I realized how pure and unconditional love is. Yes maa it was none other than your love which is the reason for the chime of my heart beat, for the peaceful sleep.
I see my world through your eyes. You possess all the poise.
Maa an epitome of selflessness & and sanctitude.

A reason for the slight light in the somber night. The very reason for my existence..

Maa how I wish I had words to describe how indebted I am to the Almighty who created ‘mother’ in this world..!!


54 thoughts on “Maa.

  1. Krati!
    You penned down your emotions beautifully! 😘😊
    The picture is soo cute.😍
    You described very well.
    Mother is the palpable god,as i said in my post.
    But hey,is it incomplete?
    The ending,something missed out there.πŸ˜…

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    1. Thanks a lot pratishtha.. 😊 i guess yeh .. I wanted to write more in the end.. but I just fell short of words may b hahah… u can suggest or add something to the ending.. 😍 i will make the changes for sure. 😘

      Liked by 1 person

  2. We actually are aprts of them, our mothers. Mothers, those mighty beings who can choose to let live or die. If they cannot feed their children, she gives from their own bodies as meal. Yes, they, such as Living Vessels, must be protected and loved.

    Take care of you, too. Cheers, baby! πŸ˜€

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