UnsEnT LeTTeR #7 (a letter for the people who stayed and who left)

This is a letter dedicated to all those people who came in my life. and while some stayed, some left on their own and some I had to part with.
Every person to whom we meet gives us some perspective of life. It can be positive and negative as well.
So this letter is dedicated to them.

Dear best friend,
Some connections are by birth and some are a puzzle which the almighty wants us to solve on the earth. And I completed mine, by finding you. Thank you for being there, for listening my mindless ramblings, for accepting my flaws, and on the top not trying to change me.
You made me realize my worth when I was shattered, you helped me sail through the Storm. You accepted my intimidations and vulnerability, trying to turn them into advantage rather than taking them to your advantage.
A relation so pure and pious, to be recognized in heaven, yes it is us. !!

Dear fake friends,
Yes, we all do have..! Those people hiding behind the facade of respect and generosity. And when finally it unravels we are rendered in desolation. We question ourselves, our judgment. But these are the people who made us realize that the evil and good prevails within us. If there is darkness, there is light too.
If there is treachery, there is fidelity too.
They are the ones, we need to part away from. And this is what fortifies us, shows us different colors of life, and above all makes us realize that not evey color is pleasing to our eyes.

Dear first love,
Ohh..! How can I forget the first person I fell for. Not everyone is lucky enough to accomplish the “forever” in the very first time when the heart beats race, when the person means so much that you almost doubt it to be real, when you have a reason behind the twinkling smile and just when you start believing in those magical love stories.
Unfortunately, you left. Yes, I still remember you. But the heart break taught me my real worth. It gave me the much needed lesson, that not everything is meant to reach a destination. While some lose their path, others are left broken and tattered, leaving them too fragile to complete the journey.
We thought that we were perfect, but perfection is perhaps a mirage..!

Dear knight in the shining armor,
You came in my life to be the savior, you tried to protect me, you tried to fill the cracks, you tried to rectify someone else’s mistakes, but unfortunately my broken pieces were too hard to mend.
You didn’t realize that my cicatrix is a sign of my courage to endure and not my weakness.
You came at the wrong time, may be with the right love.

Dear emotionally unavailable,
You left me when I needed you the most. You had a way with words though. Or perhaps the silence which obliterated the words between us. Silence was good, but after a while it became too loud to handle. I was devoid and exhausted. May be you were meant to be like this or may be the love killed my rationale.
I just hope that one day you meet your soul mate , and they would make you realize the things I couldn’t. They will make your heart melt which I couldn’t.!

Dear narcissistic,
It’s great to be selfish. It’s even great to put your self first. But there’s a thin line between self love and self obsession. You taught me how to maintain that line.. When that line can become a weapon of destruction and when that line can help us rise.


64 thoughts on “UnsEnT LeTTeR #7 (a letter for the people who stayed and who left)

      1. Ohhh no.. please… i’m seriously not.

        Do point out any mistake you find anywhere.. learning is a lifetime process and definitely criticism is what I look for always along with appreciation as well.. πŸ˜€

        So thank you and don’t ever be sorry for this. πŸ’—

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  1. These were the most beautiful letters I’ve read so far….truly….my fav was…ummmm…hard to settle for one….all were extremely amazing considering the person they were addressed to….Congratulations and keep writing the way you’ve been doing soo far β™‘πŸ‘ :))

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  2. Wonderful set of letters ! In a time that letter writing has become a lost art, at a time when emails are being phased out by instant messaging, it’s good to see a fellow letter writer πŸ™‚ of course, I have one request, an edit to the post and with a letter for your readers too! I would love to hear what you have to say to me and all other fellow bloggers out here πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey..
      Can I call it a wonderful stroke of luck.
      My next letters is to all my blogger friends and it’s in process.. πŸ˜€

      Hahaha.. So glad you like this series.. Now i’ll wait for your feedback on it after publishing. πŸ™‚

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  3. Ah, you write the best letters here on WordPress! Isn’t amazing how each hurt we suffer in our lives can make room for beauty to grow if we can just get passed the pain? Superb post.


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