Love never dies.

love never dies
never gets lost in the dusky depths of nothingness.
It hovers is the air where the lovers kissed,
it is captured in in the words carved on those heartfelt letters,
it still travels through the lane where they walked hand in hand,
it’s scent still lingers in the dried rose imprisoned for the sin of being the testament of those “forever” promises,
it’s still etched in those tight hugs, in the favorite shirt, in the broken bracelet, in the moments of the proximity witnessed by each soul and engraved for eternity.
does love ever dies??


38 thoughts on “Love never dies.

  1. True love never dies…it stays in some way….together or apart, but it stays….thats sooo damn beautiful Krati…Loved it β™‘πŸ‘ :))


  2. Woww.. that’s such an interesting take on love. in the little things that make love how we know it and feel it and relish it in those moments. you’ve captured it just right. πŸ™‚


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