UnSenT LeTTeR #8 (a letter from a daughter to father)

Dear dad,
I don’t know why the man of the family is always present as a stoic, invincible person who can withstand anything. I don’t know why ‘The man’ is never supposed to cry, work and toil harder day and night, sacrifice little joys of life.!
They say a mother’s love is unconditional, then I’d say a father’s love is perennial – sometimes hidden behind the faΓ§ade of an austere man, lies the most loving and caring person.

I still remember your absence on many occasions, leaving me disheartened. And mom constantly telling me “he is busy sweetheart; he’ll come soon”. At that time I didn’t really understand what a man is supposed to do except going to work; earning a bread and come back home. As I grew older, I started to realize that father’s more often have a different way of expressing love. It took a while to fill the void created by time, but somehow In that trajectory of events I found my only support system. They say a father is the first man in any daughter’s life, this is just to remind you dad that you are indeed my first love. The man whose presence shall always be the reason of my twinkling eyes, the reason behind the smile.

Always remember dad, that you don’t need to be ‘strong’ to be my ‘hero’, the day you taught me how to walk, the day when you picked me up when I fell, the day you solved the most complicated math problem, was when I thought that fathers possess some super natural Powers.!

It is human tendency to need constant reminders to express what their loved ones mean to them. On this occasion of father’s day I would like to let you know that your daughter has always loved you and always will .!!
Thank you dad for believing in me and giving me wings to fly.


Your Princess


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