Things I should have told myself.

Things I should have told myself but never did.

you are not the mascara smeared face; you are not the red swollen eyes; you are not the tousled hair. Walking up with a smile even when your soul is weeping is you. walking with strength, so that no one knows how perturbed you are is you. Nothing is worth destroying yourself for.

You are the one who let people in even if it meant them leaving without any notice. Even if it meant that they might never return. Even if u have to drink the venom of betrayal. You can survive everything. Rather you can live through it.

No one is going to come and save you. Even when you are drowning and shouting desperately for help. You and only you have to swim through it. Expectations break you. But don’t forget that broken people are more dangerous, they know that they can survive through anything.

Love yourself enough. love yourself so much that other’s love only add the icing to the cake you have already decorated. Because when in the middle of the night, you cry your soul out and sleep on the soaked pillow, It is only you who is going to drag herself out of the misery drenched nights.

A heartbreak does not mean that you lock your heart in a box and throw the keys out. Human heart is meant to beat; emancipate yourself from all the rancour; all the trechery. Building walls will only restrict you not the people.

I hope you live a life you always wanted to. I hope that the things turn out the way you wanted to. I hope that you live a life you are proud of. And if u don’t; Then I hope that you have the courage to start over again.


16 thoughts on “Things I should have told myself.

  1. Judging by your photo, honey, you have BUNDLES of time to live out your life. No regrets – not while you’re young! This is a truly powerful piece, inspiring, and important. Thank you for it!!


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