a lingering scent of crushed flowers;
the crumpled pieces make a noise so surreal;
the seed of the love died even before growing;
the deafening wails silenced by the muted fears;
such is the agony of a broken heart; dying to live and living to die….


33 thoughts on “BROKEN HEART.

  1. Good and lovely post. We think in terms of mending the broken heart, whilst God thinks in terms of giving us a new heart in place of the broken one. Thanks for the very nice post.

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  2. Welcome! And what a strange coincidence: I was just contemplating your registry wondering if this might be a ‘dead profile’? I was so close to deleting it, and there you were!
    Hope you like what you find. <More than 5 700 picturte – all 'full screen' are waiting for you!
    Please enjoy!

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  3. The last line “Dying to live and living to die” sums up all you wanted to say. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Heartbreaks, yes they happen. Feeling emotional and sad when a heartbreak happens is nothing bad. We don’t need to control these emotions. It’s what makes one different others. It’s inherent to one’s nature. Some don’t give any or much heed to emotions while some give a lot of heed to them. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. You Are fine poet, You convey all the pain of a broken heart. So beautifully. Time will tell… You will feel renewed soon. You just need to focus on whatever makes you feel better. If you have things that you love to do, do that. Love anything that gives some pleasure to you, anything that gives back a reward. You’ll forget the pain and your heart will be a brand new one.

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