Surreal sunshine.. !

Oh surreal sunshine, Find my way
For blurry eyes brimmed with tears of despair
Lost in the maize can’t find you..

Dusky paths full of dry leaves susurrating covet you;
Give life to the now dead spirit.
The castles have now shattered for the caliginosity rendered them
Oh shimmering sunshine..
Spread your light; extirpate the doomed dusk
Break the daunting darkness; revive the drained soul

Oh limpid sunshine
The flowers are being crushed and they now mourn the catastrophe
The trodden path laments it’s loss..
grief sticken and wretched it is being asphyxiated by the hands of fate
give it the purpose; bring in thy light.

Oh reverent sunshine; find my way.


16 thoughts on “Surreal sunshine.. !

      1. Hai na? I knew it ki tumhe bhi pasand hoga Wordsworth. And don’t thank me! You deserve every word I said and much more. I’ll make sure some of my friends read this.
        And “Daffodils” & “The solitary reaper” blew my mind when I was in school.

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