a conversation that never happened. #1

SHE: you came like a storm that never really subsided. My dry soul needed some warmth but you.. actually made it cold. how I wish I could go back and could change a few things.

HE: It was never meant to be. I never wanted it to be. flow with the tide of time and you shall realize that it was nothing but your fancy.

SHE: I never wished for anything. I had strong walls, yet you managed to break them. you somehow came and kindled a fire, a fire of passion and I… I wanted to immolate my existence in that. May be finding a spark to live on.

HE: You always had the spark. You were an enigma and I just tried to decipher the one lying behind the facade.

SHE: you were there always in my mind, even when I wanted to forget the world I remembered you. I wanted to do everything I can, things that I would perhaps not do for anyone else but you. Without any expectations and hopes I wanted to give it all. Knowing that you might never be able to fathom the depth of my heart. A feeling so pure and pious, what else do I call it if not love..!!

HE: We are two different ends and you have a beautiful garden of roses to select from. Give it time and you will find the most beautiful flower. A flower which will perhaps have no thorns.

SHE: I have already embraced the thorns. Now that I see it, I find that it is flowers that wither away with the squall. thorns stay.. they give the flowers their strength.. and how could we imagine a rose without thorns.

HE: May be this is what the fate had for us. this is how it was meant to be.

SHE: yes, you can give me hundreds of reasons to give up. But every time you do so, I shall give you trillions of reasons as to why I want to hold on… Why I would never let go and why there will always be a little hope sitting in the darkest corner of my heart…. If not this world.. If not this life.. I shall wait for that another chance to finish my incomplete puzzle…….!


35 thoughts on “a conversation that never happened. #1

  1. Oh my god!
    This is something at another level.THIS IS MINDBLOWING!
    Trust me girl,you are extremely good with words.I saved this one.I could certainly relate to it and i loved every bit of it! 😍😍😍
    You are an amazing writer and your words are magic,seriously! 😍😍😍

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  2. The irony of solving the puzzle is you need to two people equally willing to complete it.there comes a point in people’s life where they have to walk away from the person who used love them or who pretended to love them,we just have to be brave enough to accept the fact true love never goes unfelt,sometimes everything is perfect except the timing.
    Trust me krati,starting from your first post I have read almost all of them,best part of your writing you make people coma back to again and again. Lovely piece of work as usual 😊

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    1. that’s so kind of you to say that manoj.. πŸ™‚ really means a lot that you’ve taken out the time and effort to read and even appreciate … πŸ™‚ you’ve been too generous in appreciating… but loved your views.. it’s true that we need two to complete it and it doesn’t happen always.. !! thanks for reading and sharing your views.. πŸ™‚

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  3. Golly! Incredible! I can’t believe this. It’s so beautiful and it flows so freely. Completion of the puzzle is a goal worth pursuing because it’s so ideal. Do not give up, the optimism is very important to the dream, it’s the dream’s life, it’s bloodstream. “Why I would never let go and why there will always be a little hope sitting in the darkest corner of my heart…if not this world…if not this life…I shall wait for that another chance to finish my incomplete puzzle…!”
    The puzzle is an ideal for both man and God, it is as human as it is divine: “A feeling so pure and pious, what else do I call it if not love…!!”
    This is too awesome, I have to share it. I’m going to introduce your blog to a blogger in Australia, Chris Nicholas, who writes well himself, and who’s at https://therenegadepress.com He’ll love your writing as much as we all do.

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    1. edward you’ve been really kind.. πŸ™‚ can’t thank you enough for this. It really means a lot that you read it all and even mentioned the specific lines.. Time effort and appreciation are priceless things that you’ve given.. πŸ™‚ I will definately check out chris πŸ™‚ would love to read his work too.. πŸ™‚ thank you once again

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