It empties you like a ghoul has suck all life and the only thing left is the few lifeless pieces and you spend the rest of the time joining them in a hope that one day you will complete the puzzle with the only few pieces you have.

It is the labyrinthine emotions that haunt you; render you sleepless; make you feel numb to the sensation of spring after enduring fall for the eternity.

it was all you have and you gave it to the undeserved or perhaps you thought that the sky and sea can meet but you forgot that the horizon is a sham.

You played with fire in a hope to brighten your world. But it rendered it charred and dingy.

You gambled your heart- the most priced possession in a game where victory was implausible.

You loved and craved for the stars despite of knowing that few things can only be admired from a distance; if you go near, it can leave you smashed.

It is the umpteen number of times you tried to move on; you tried to run away with all the strength you have but a cryptic force pulls you back to the abyss and you; you feel hapless.

Sleep perhaps becomes your best friend and dreams your soulmate. Because that is where you see the two incongruous ends meeting.


34 thoughts on “UNREQUITED LOVE <3

      1. Ouch.I hope you are fine dear.Time would heal,yes.But the scar doesn’t really vanish completely.Heartbreak is a dangerous thing but its completely futile to cry over someone who didn’t care.We must learn to remember the past with a smile and look forward to a better future! You are one beautiful woman and you deserve the love that is truest of all,you will find it eventually.Lots of love.πŸ’— Stay strong and never give up on love!

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      2. thanks a lot my sweet and inviincibe strong lady.. :* you talk so much wisdom, that it’s almost hard to believe that you are still a teenager.. πŸ™‚ thank u so much for this pratishtha.. πŸ™‚ made me smile.. much love.. !! will keep in mind whatever you said πŸ™‚

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  1. Thanks for following my blog. Thanks also for creating and maintaining such a wonderful blog yourself which I’m now following. This composition reads very well and has a touch of poetry. It is so well written, and so deeply and comprehensively touching that one wonders if any effort has been made to publish elsewhere, at least some of your material.

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    1. thanks to you too for following and taking the time to read. πŸ™‚ it means a lot.. I’m really glad you found my work good enough.. it’s a huge compliment for a novice like me.. πŸ™‚ thank you so much edward. great to connect with you

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  2. Unrequited love’s a bore, yeah
    And I’ve got it pretty bad
    But for someone you adore, yeah
    It’s a pleasure to be sad…

    ‘Unrequited love’ – sounds kind of old-fashioned, doesn’t it? It conjures up scenes of 18th-century folk wandering around misty moors, composing poetry, passionately yearning for the merest glimpse of their beloved. Infatuation, longing, and love can be agonizing when they remain unreciprocated; when the focus of your love sees you as ‘just a friend’ (or not even that). Unrequited love can hurt like @#!*% .

    Profoundly inked. .well delivered

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