Movie Review : Parched

Hey everyone. How are you all doing?
I know definitely I’m not the one to write a review. I haven’t seen any movie since the longest time. The last was back in feb I guess. None the less, this movie got my attention. While skimming through the newspaper I found that some scenes were leaked and the lead actress who is Radhika apte was eventually interviewed to throw the light on the same. Suddenly I got a bit curious and resorted to google to satiate my inquisitive insight. I read the plot of the story and instantly felt the urge to watch it. So here we go. I just finished watching it and the impact is strong enough to make me write about it. Though the movie had obscene scenes and is in the adult category, the theme of the movie is what makes it worth watching.
So now when it comes to the actual movie, I still wonder if customs like this exist in rural India. The movie poignantly portrayed the plight of 4 young women entrapped in the pathos of patriarchy, poverty, oppression and violence.
It gave an altogether different perspective of a society where women are treated not more than a meager servant who is apt only for household chores. Now I’m sure this kind of theme is not something uncanny or out of the box. But what gave the movie its structure was the stupendous acting skills of the actors and an excellent direction. There were bold harsh dialogues depicting the dichotomy of Indian society and how behind the facade of chastity lies the promiscuity. The dialogues hit you and make you ponder. The movie shall keep you engrossed right from the start till the end. You name an emotion and you have it in this movie.
It ended on a positive note which makes it a complete package. It is rather a movie which would show you the darkest of the sides to the brightest.
To sum up, it was a refreshing deviation from the quotidian romcoms. Do watch if the theme intrigues you.

Thank you.

PS:- if anyone has already watched. Then please share your views here.


50 thoughts on “Movie Review : Parched

  1. Yeah! I watched it sometime back as it won some prestigious awards in abroad while it failed to release in India.I am a fan of Sumit Vyas(The Permanent Roommates fame) who was telling about this movie in his one of interview so i watched it and wonderful performance by the girls and yes,Radhika Apte has awestruck everyoneπŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

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  2. Nice to read. I have not watched this but the movie Pink and it is also based on status of women in our society…It is a good movie though i had to leave theatre when court room drama began due to some work but i liked whatever i could see.

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  3. Hi, I just watched Parched! first thing i done after watching was finding the word meaning, but actually i wasn’t able relate it to its meaning like make or become dry through intense heat and one more was there thirsty. In my opinion this single word and the movie doesn’t match much. It has such outrageous topic that should get into light, I’ve also watched ‘Pink’ but it didn’t give me such an thought that ‘Parched’ had done. Parched obviously is a great milestone for Indian Cinema Industry, I admire Leena Yadav for her great effort. Now here, after reading your review I’m finally satisfied with the word ‘Parched’, since I found you say darkest of the sides to the brightest. That gave me a click on the meaning. Thank you! Expect more from you. πŸ™‚

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    1. hey.. thank you so much for your words..:) I also found parched much more impact full than pink. I just wrote this review minutes after watching the movie as I couldn’t resist.. πŸ™‚ I’m glad that you could resonate, since now you’ve watched the movie. Thanks a lot for stopping by harsh.. πŸ™‚

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  4. Yeah I watched the movie,though it was sad to see darker shades of patriarchal society but who knows if it still exists in rural part of Rajesthan,India and It would be great if such movie may give some enlightenment.


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