It was a bright sunny day,
The sun was about to leave his way.
step by step I walk in search of you,
But oh my bad.! couldn’t find you.
The jittery eyes got paranoid.
But finally, they got respite, seeing you walk through the aisle
each step felt like a long mile.
the rising heartbeats and the perennial smile,
you walk towards me making the time stop for a while.
the wind too was singing a melodious jingle,
perhaps celebrating our beatific mingle.
Those moments lingered around us like a pleasing zephyr,
Making us feel so sublime.


31 thoughts on “THE FIRST MEET…

      1. ohh this was just an offbeat kinda random thing… But if u liked it then ofcourse I would love to do more on this theme. Right now working on a series of romantic fiction.. πŸ™‚ 5 parts alreaady there.. πŸ™‚

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      2. hahah yes. This one is more like impromptu and short to read. So I can understand.. πŸ™‚ personally I also like to read writeups which are less than 100 words and not a big fan of long ones untill and unless too intriguing.. πŸ˜› should practice what I preach hahaah..!

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