Near, yet so far. . . .

For the one who is near yet so far.

who is known yet a stranger, who exists yet doesn’t.

With whom I shared a lot yet so little;

I dedicate it to that person….

it took me time to realize that you are not real but a figment of my quixotic imagination.
Still, my mind wants to believe your existence;

your delusional presence; my irrational fervor; my pulverized dream; my unfinished story……….


I would rather be typhlotic; than to see you leave…

I would rather be paralyzed, than not being able to walk with you ever again;

I would rather asphyxiate all my dreams if you are not a part of them..!!!


25 thoughts on “Near, yet so far. . . .

  1. I am with you Krati 😊

    When you first saw a person down in street, mall, shop, building even in your college or office.
    For you that was just a stranger but when you two talk or smile a ray of trust is build and you two feel like something extra.
    That something extra may be every time you see each other you smiles, or laugh on same incident and you feel like you two have a connection called same taste or nature.

    That feeling is also a phase of trust. Slowly slowly you start talking to each other and you feel like you trust that people to enter in your comfort zone and became your friend or Best friend.

    It’s all about trust we share our secrets to the people whom we trust more.

    Sometimes we reveal it to stranger because we have a different kind of trust that is known as irrelevant trust we shows these type of trust to the strangers because we knows that he will never release your secrets because for him/her it’s not matter. And he/She has no issues or he is never going to meet you again.

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    1. kiran I’m smitten by your thoughts.. 🙂 this is like the whole zest of whatever I wanted dto say in a far better manner. 🙂 Thank u so so much for embellishing my space with your piece of mind, and now I shall kinda always wait for this.. because your perspective is a gem. 🙂 thanks for reading. 🙂

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