a conversation that never happened. #2

she:- why did you enter my life. Why did this happen. Why the circumstances turned against us. What happened to the things you said?

he:- I know what I said. But you see things change with time. I don’t know, you just don’t have that spark in you any more.

she:- But I never changed. I am still the same old girl you considered the reason of your smile, the gleam of your twinkling eyes. You forgot the sleepless nights, the never ending chats. How can you say that..!!!

HE:- I remember everything. But I don’t wish to talk about it anymore.

she:- So you do remember. Was my impact so feeble that you won’t even care to stay. To tell me what made you so stoic and numb towards my devotion. What made you blind towards all my affection. Please answer me..!! I need to know what was my fault. Why did I become the ultimate victim.

he:- I warned you. Didn’t I. Don’t play with fire you might end up getting charred. Yet you didn’t listen.

she:- I did. I tried my best.. But you already became a part of my soul. I couldn’t separate you. Even if it meant burning myself.

He:- too much infatuation. Isn’t it young lady. ?

she:- If infatuation lasts for eternity; If infatuation makes you relinquish yourself in the fire of love; If infatuation makes you so selfless that you keep the person above yourself, then yes, IT IS INFATUATION.


24 thoughts on “a conversation that never happened. #2

      1. Haha…love to do a collab though the story holds two ways for prequel with both the girl & boy’s perception so the moment i read a thought just striked over my mind…maybe the girl has ditched true love of boy in past that made the story to this end.πŸ˜‰

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      2. Naah! I can think on it like if girl has realized the love of boy…i think you can think better of girls perspective as stories are always around us & bdw i’ve already published a short story based on my perception(google Somethings beyond love)

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