some things left unsaid. (part 3)

this is a continued series.
please refer the following
part 1-
part 2-

It was approximately 10:00AM when they started talking. A very normal chat that started on a not so sweet note started turning into a rhapsodic exchange of thoughts, emotions, past,present. The whole day it was just him and her mobile phone. Typing and typing till their hands could possibly move. They talked about everything, places they visited, old school memories, sharing about the most bizzare things they’ve done. It was like they were ‘the known strangers’. They had so much to say, yet so little. She never thought that the guy she loathed in the beginning would be able to hold the conversation for hours and hours. He suddenly appeared to be an intriguing person, a person she wanted to know more, delve deeper into his world, explore his deepest scars. He was an enigma, a cryptic code she was trying to decipher. In a matter of few hours her opinion about him started altering.
They talked till the dusk, till the midnight moon rose high and the stars started twinkling, till the whole world was asleep and only two strangers were awake.
He finally decided to call her in those wee hours, his voice so bold and virile, she didn’t essentially notice his voice before, but now it was another characteristic that was spelling charm on her. She was extremely reticent and though she talked, but there was still an aura of discomfort and the call ended soon.
They again got back to texting and it was almost dawn. The sun was about to rise in an hour or two, but that day even sleep was defeated by their desires. They finally decided to take each other’s leave since the phone battery was shouting for some energy and their eyes were yelling for sleep.
She woke up with a smile next day, but also thought that maybe this is the end. They will never again talk and it was just a fun long chat that happened. He didn’t show any desire to stay in touch and neither did she. another week passed by and there was utter silence between them. She thought about him once or twice but anyway, she was not expecting another text from him and neither she wanted to text him back.


19 thoughts on “some things left unsaid. (part 3)

      1. And I will surely comment on this particular story as I want to know where it’s headed.
        Dont take it upto 10 parts.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I have patience but not that much.

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