some things left unsaid (part 4)

It was a fine Sunday morning. She was chilling out with friends outside their favourite street food stall and a beloved hangout space. They were eating and having fun, even though her exam didn’t go that well but she wanted to let it go. Suddenly her phone rang, thinking that it was her mom who must be anxious about her and even anxious about her whereabouts. But to her utter shock it was him. She had saved his name just by his initials and she felt almost uncomfortable by this sudden call. since all her friends were there and she didn’t want them to know that she has been talking to a complete stranger who was not even living in the same city.
She gave an excuse and went aside beneath a tree and picked up his call. Somewhere deep down she was also happy that he called but again nervous. They exchanged greetings and he told that he was travelling back and he was off facebook. He wanted to call because they didn’t talk after that chat. She was pleasantly surprised, but even she wanted to take it slow. They talked for a while and she told him a little about her ongoing exams. Finally, he boarded the train and kept the phone.
She also came back home tired and slept for a while.

It was evening and her phone buzzed. Usually in the age of social media anyone seldom leave text messages. But there it was, him. Texting her, saying that since he is unavailable on social media, she can contact him here. So they did, and a series of words began again. This time they talked more casual and it was a chat full of sarcasm and pun. They both started enjoying each other’s company and finally they bid adieu.

After a few days he texted that thinking about the last exchange of messages, brought a smile on his face. She was elevated, overwhelmed and the feeling was tough to describe. He was slowly but steadily making his presence felt, something about him was constantly stirring up her deepest desires. She had never felt this way before for anyone. It was too tough to describe. Was it even too early to name it anything beyond friendship, since she’d never personally met him, neither has it been too long since they have started talking. But it was as if he knew what to say, he just used the perfect words at the perfect time. Almost like beating the iron while it was still hot. She felt an upheaval of emotions.
He wished her luck for her upcoming exam.

She felt the urge to read his text again and a grin escaped her soft pink lips making it’s way to her big resplendent eyes.


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