some things left unsaid (part 5)

She finally thought that now she can text him and chat endlessly. She was at home, alone wrapped in a cosy blanket and ready to indulge in the confab.
She texted ‘hi’ and he immediately replied. They talked a little about her day and his day at the office. He was again traveling and the network was poor. Yet they continued. She told him how emotionally charged up she sometimes get, he agreed to that and asked her about her boyfriend. For a second she was blank but replied that she doesn’t have a boyfriend and never had one in the past as well. She asked about his relationship, to which he replied that he just had a breakup a month ago. It was long distance and things were not working out. She didn’t want to dig in this matter and they continued talking. Her penchant for him was a little more evident and the conversation started getting intense. He said before we move any further I want to tell you something. Again another mystery was about to unravel in front of her and now she thought that I hope he doesn’t say that he is a bisexual. She laughed at this staring at her phone screen. She asked him to share whatever he wants to say. He said, “I am a man often accused of being emotionally unavailable, and often termed as an asshole”. The statement rendered her speechless. There were millions of thoughts all at once going in her head. Why did he say so? She was not being over friendly as of now and even if she was into him, then it doesn’t mean she wanted him really bad or something. She said that it’s okay and it doesn’t really matter to her. Deep down she was a little hurt at this but didn’t let him know. They changed the topic and suddenly he asked her to take a break and come visit him to his city. She was clueless. Travelling alone to another city. But she promised him to come. They decided a particular date and time, which was almost 2 weeks after. They started talking more frequently and planning for the day she was to come and what an amazing time it would be.He seemed to be happy, but at the same time she wasn’t really sure whether she should go or not. But anyway she didn’t bother to think about it much. She thought that even if she is not able to go, he wouldn’t care that much. He already presented himself as a stoic stone hearted man.

She now wanted to melt his rock hard heart. She now wanted to make him believe that he is a beautiful person and he just needs to look himself through her eyes. She respected him a lot and definitely had something more for him. She thought that maybe he was heart broken or maybe he didn’t find someone caring enough. Whatever it was, she suddenly wanted to make him happy. She wanted to be the reason of his smile. She was still unclear of where it was leading, but now she just wanted to walk on this unknown path without knowing her final destination..!


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