some things left unsaid (part 6)

this is a continued series.
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Things were going at their own pace. A lot of their talks revolved around their purported meet up. She was still not sure, but she was enjoying this phrase and all the ardour he was pouring in the planning. It sounded like something thrilling and memorable, like the best time of their life. The much hated and egotist stranger was making his way through her heart and all she could do was flow with the tide of time.
There were just two days left in the scheduled date, but she was anxious about going. All this sounded way too daring for her. She asked him to come instead.
But this was not as easy as it sounded. He got furious and tried pushing her to go by the plan. They talked about it, but he supposedly took her promise to his heart and was now enraged about her backing off. She had tears in her eyes. While trying to explain that she didn’t have any intention of hurting him and didn’t really consider a lot before promising him. It was just something she said in the heat of the moment but her intentions were innocuous. He was still stubborn and not willing to bow down to the lady’s plea, leaving her sad and desolate.
She again tried to explain him, he closed the whole matter in a not so happy note. This little broken promise created a dent in their new found relationship, which was at this stage all about trust and words, since they officially never met and she somewhere broke that very trust by making a false claim.
It was her birthday, just a week after their little squabble. She thought that he will forget and not call or even wish her. It was 12:00 AM and she waited for 2 hours in a hope that he might call, even though her expectations were dim. She woke up the next morning and there it was, his number flashed on her phone screen and she picked up his call. The first thing in the morning, when she was not even out of bed. He wished her and told her that he called at 1:00 AM, but the phone was off. and she recalled a slight moment when her phone battery died and it got off. The stars were probably against her then.
She went out with her friends and the day passed like a whirl of wind.
Their relation got a bit tainted and this made her emotionally exhausted. She wanted to meet him more than he wanted and one fine day she requested him to come. He agreed to see her soon. There it was, after a few days she got the most wonderful message in which he stated, “babe, coming tomorrow.!!”
She was happy beyond description and that night was the longest one. Each hour was like a long long wait. Both of them have waited enough and now finally the very moment was here, their first ever meet. . . . . e


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