some things left unsaid (part 7)

finally the day they waited for arrived. She was waiting for his call and all excited and nervous at the same time. All sorts of thoughts were going in her mind, will he recognize me? what will they talk? what if he doesn’t enjoy her company?
For a while she stopped thinking. She knew that they were actually very different. He was bold, fierce and an extrovert. But she was a quite, demure and simplistic girl. She just wanted to see her man, to feel his presence, to look into his deep brown eyes… Finally he called her to meet. She was nervous, but got ready. She wore her favourite piece of clothing and topped it with a leather jacket. It was the month of feb, and though it was not chilling cold, but cold enough to wear an extra layer of clothing. She arrived and called him. He was already there in the mall, where they decided to meet. She entered it, but couldn’t locate him. She was just lost in her own thoughts and was walking like a wanderer, searching for him. Surprisingly she already passed by him and he was right behind her, while she was trying to find him. She stopped and saw him walking towards her. Seeing him her faace instantly lit up with a grin. He was tall and adorned a playful smile. But there was a difference in the man she was seeing now and the man she saw before. He somehow looked more austere, but his smile was still the same, with slight dimples and a wide smile shining right in eye. But aaah.. they finally met, Shook hands and hugged each other. They sat in the cafe for a while, and he finally asked her to acompany him to his abode since he was tired. He had been driving and travelling since morning, and concidering the fact that he drove 400kms to meet her, she agreed. She didn’t want to think about anything else while she was with him. They drove to his room. It was a warm cosy room with a humungous glass window. They just sat down on the couch relaxed. It was just him and her. She could have probably stayed like this forever and just wanted the moment to freeze. The TV was on and there played a soft romantic song. They looked at each other and as if their souls knew what to do. They got up and he held his hand and placed it right behind his neck. They moved closer and closer till there was nothing between them. Not even a slight air. She could hear his heartbeat and feel his warm breath on her face. There was a certain scent which was unique to him and very hard to describe. It was the closest she has ever been to anyone. He moved his hands on her waist and pushed her towards him. He kissed her eyes and then very gentally put her hair behind. The moment was surreal, and there they were, succumbing to the beats, to their mingling breadths and their fervour. .. . . . .


21 thoughts on “some things left unsaid (part 7)

      1. haha… I don’t really know how to end it… I’m sure if I’m in a jovial state of mind it might lead to happy ending and if not then shakespere type tragedies all the way.. πŸ˜‰

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