some things left unsaid (part 9)

They were getting nigh to their destination. Their steps were moving, surrendering to their ardor. She was suddenly hit by the sharp pangs of realization. No matter how perfect the moment was, it was not her’s. Whatever path they were leading to might end in a catastrophe. The ice wanted to get melted by the fire, it was near the fire, but the fire was now reaching its core, making it wither away. She budged a little, and his hands wrapped around her disentangled. She was about to say something, she wanted to say a lot, but he stopped her. He kissed her hand, and in ever so serene and soft voice said, “it’s okay”.
Her words perhaps rolled down her cheeks in the form of tears. He hugged her and her tears dropped on his neck. He caressed her, trying to calm her down and they sat again. There was a deafening silence and suddenly everything was murky. There was an upheaval of a lot of things, which were perhaps left unsaid.
They decided to leave and for the last time kissed each other. He dropped her and they bid adieu, in a hope to meet soon again. She went home and for once wanted to flush out everything from her mind, go into complete oblivion. She texted him and thanked him for coming and acknowledging her wishes. He replied the next morning and told her that he reached home safely.
All this left her dazzled about how she felt about it. She wanted to give it time, the pace was too tumultuous for her and she didn’t want to break down.
Their bond was beautiful and ingenuous, she didn’t want to tarnish it. All she wanted was to be there for him, without any demands, without any hopes. She wanted to be like a pleasing zephyr, touching his senses and pacifying him.
As time passed by, they both got engulfed in the tumultuous world. She wanted to believe that let her be content by the little space she had in his life, let her not kindle desires within herself that might never be fulfilled.. But ultimately she fell for him. She fell in love for the person he was, she fell in love with those little scattered moments, she fell in love with his soul and she fell in love very slowly and gradually, like you consume a drug and it takes time to get into your blood and then your heart pumps it everywhere and your whole body becomes its abode. For her he was the drug she got addicted to…  She cried, loud to finish the space he’d created in her heart, a void which was eating her away.. but the feelings didn’t go away with the tears. She was finally in love with someone she never thought of. He is still a part of her life. The first person she fell for could not be her’s.. She locked her emotions in the chasms of the darkest corners of her heart.. Because as they say.. ‘somethings are best left unsaid’






36 thoughts on “some things left unsaid (part 9)

      1. know it happens we tend to relate some real things also when we write something so it comes to mind.
        Have a great week ahead..Adarsh Nagar locality is famous for best dusshera that i also know..haahaa😉😉

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      2. hahah… well I had a total off beat approach in writing the last part.. I was pretty much like I’m done now.. let’s finish it.. 😛 😛 yaa it is famous.. it has a huge dusshera maidan.. 😀

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