A conversation that never happened #3

SHE: you know the reason why I never leave you?

HE: what is it?

SHE: because I know, if I ever leave.. you won’t stop me. Not even once. You might not even care to ask why are you leaving and you’ll let me go easily like a sand you hold in your fists and the moment you let it even slightly loose, it falls. You will not stop me.

HE: if leaving makes you happy then go ahead.

SHE: I lied. I lied every time when I said I don’t expect anything from you. I lied when I said I can live without you. I lied when I said I was happy. I do expect and I expect a lot, but you know what… If everyone fulfilled expectations then there would have been no miseries, no tears, no melancholy only happiness….!! how imperfect that world would be..!!!!


67 thoughts on “A conversation that never happened #3

      1. hahah this is not a story.. story toh I ended.. πŸ˜› this is just tiny bits and pieces which have a story… πŸ˜‰ they are totally independent.. πŸ˜€ comedy to abi nahi for sure… especially when I’m very gloomy and in hemingway mode ..!!

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      2. Haahaa…listen there is a online writing platform for short stories where I used to publish,you can publish yours and get the effective feedbacks alongwith other competitions too.Its very useful.

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  1. Yin and yang is what world is made up of. If all is good or all is wrong, there would be no point of loving it. πŸ™‚
    I admire my life, or anybody’s life cause of the fact that it’s a mixture. Though this mixture imbalances itself, at times. But nothing lasts forever. If not happiness, then neither sadness.

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