An incident.

It was a friday evening and I was there in the park for my customary evening saunter. The day is especially crowded because of a temporary market which is laid on the street every friday. You name a thing and you have it. the glitzy market lit by small lamps and bulbs offering a plethora of items, clothes, eatables.
Evenings are jammed with all sorts of people and the moment you pass by you can hear a vendor offering a good bargain or perhaps someone selling freshly toasted peanuts or the kids humming around the balloon and toy sellers like a bee.
It is mostly famous in the people living in a nearby slum area, for the market has some relly cheap offerings. My domestic help often asks for breaks for going to the ‘famous’ street market.
So coming back to the garden, I saw a lady weeping hysterically. She was sitting with a child, a small child who was offering all the support he can. Sometimes kissing her and sometimes trying to make her laugh.. but the lady didn’t stop.
My curiosity led me towards her and I asked her that why she was crying.
She looked and me and I could see her willingness to share. It’s strange how sometimes little empathy works. I patiently listen to her. She told me that her husband gave her 300rs to shop for her kid and get the groceries and all necessary items and in the havoc of the tumultuous market she lost her wallet. She was scared by the thought of going back to her husband who is going to chide her for her carelessness. I offered her all the support I can and I had. I was not carrying any cash so I couldn’t help her much.

But this whole incident made me think. The amount which meant so much for her accounts to my one time grocery bill or a little splurge on a food item or for that matter a trivial amount.
There are so many things in life that we don’t value but for others, it could mean the world. This incident just made me thank the almighty for bestowing me with certain things.

Not trying to be preachy, but sometimes it’s good to hold on for a while and gratify the little things we have. πŸ™‚


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