An incident.

It was a friday evening and I was there in the park for my customary evening saunter. The day is especially crowded because of a temporary market which is laid on the street every friday. You name a thing and you have it. the glitzy market lit by small lamps and bulbs offering a plethora of items, clothes, eatables.
Evenings are jammed with all sorts of people and the moment you pass by you can hear a vendor offering a good bargain or perhaps someone selling freshly toasted peanuts or the kids humming around the balloon and toy sellers like a bee.
It is mostly famous in the people living in a nearby slum area, for the market has some relly cheap offerings. My domestic help often asks for breaks for going to the ‘famous’ street market.
So coming back to the garden, I saw a lady weeping hysterically. She was sitting with a child, a small child who was offering all the support he can. Sometimes kissing her and sometimes trying to make her laugh.. but the lady didn’t stop.
My curiosity led me towards her and I asked her that why she was crying.
She looked and me and I could see her willingness to share. It’s strange how sometimes little empathy works. I patiently listen to her. She told me that her husband gave her 300rs to shop for her kid and get the groceries and all necessary items and in the havoc of the tumultuous market she lost her wallet. She was scared by the thought of going back to her husband who is going to chide her for her carelessness. I offered her all the support I can and I had. I was not carrying any cash so I couldn’t help her much.

But this whole incident made me think. The amount which meant so much for her accounts to my one time grocery bill or a little splurge on a food item or for that matter a trivial amount.
There are so many things in life that we don’t value but for others, it could mean the world. This incident just made me thank the almighty for bestowing me with certain things.

Not trying to be preachy, but sometimes it’s good to hold on for a while and gratify the little things we have. 🙂





you were the reason why I ever dragged myself out of misery.  With you gone, I have rediscovered my pathological pessimism.

One Lovely Blog Award!! : Thank You

It is always a privilege to get some recognition by your fellow bloggers. I feel really honored. I would like to thank Vivek from ( )  for this nomination. He is a prolific writer and  writes on an array of topics which makes him all the more versatile. From travel to stories to emotions, you name it and you shall have it in this single blog. 🙂

7 things about myself. Well, this would be a task since I am tad reticent when it comes to myself. which brings me to the first fact.. 😛

1) I am a little unsocial person and most of the times I would prefer either being alone or being with a few close people.

2) I might know many people and talk to them but there are very few whom I actually count on. (No I’m not cynical 😛 )

3) I’m a foodie and yeS I CANNOT go on a diet EVER..!! No matter how hard I try.. 😛 Food is my weakness, and for that matter, I’m an accomplished cook (at least I like to believe so 😛 ) and I love cooking too.!

4) I’m most of the times anxious and apprehensive regarding almost everything and yeah I go to panic mode sometimes. Though I’m good when it comes to motivating people and encouraging them to be positive, (from the feedback I have received from a few friends 🙂 ) Quite Ironic right..!

5) I never considered writing as a career and in fact I started this blog when I was at the lowest point of my life in all aspects. It was more or less a way of expressing myself and just putting up my thoughts. Though I used to write in junior classes, but I was not consistent. Now that I see myself, I would definitely like to brush up my skills in this area. I wish to read a lot more and practice a lot. This would be a long path but would be so worth it.!

6) I’m a makeup aficionado and love collecting and using makeup stuff. This is another thing I’m passionate about 😛

7) My favourite colour is black and I keep on going back to that colour no matter, even if my whole wardrobe becomes black. This is one colour I’m never tired of adorning.

phew..!! that was tough.
And now my nominees. Just for the sake of it, I have to nominate a few people. But in no way, I believe that anyone who is not nominated is any less. 🙂 these awards are just a small initiative to create a harmonious environment and appreciate each other’s work. 🙂




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Thank you guys for enduring me  😉



It was a bright sunny day,
The sun was about to leave his way.
step by step I walk in search of you,
But oh my bad.! couldn’t find you.
The jittery eyes got paranoid.
But finally, they got respite, seeing you walk through the aisle
each step felt like a long mile.
the rising heartbeats and the perennial smile,
you walk towards me making the time stop for a while.
the wind too was singing a melodious jingle,
perhaps celebrating our beatific mingle.
Those moments lingered around us like a pleasing zephyr,
Making us feel so sublime.

UnSeNt LeTTeR #10 (A letter for unrequited love)

another unsent letter love,
how are u doing love. i just hope you are alive and well. i hope you are in the best of your health and wealth. you must be busy in your own world. a world where i don’t belong to. A world where I perhaps don’t exist.
today I implore you to enter into my world. and see how embellished it is with your memories. I’ve festooned the walls with great care and painted them with my tears.
I’ve myself woven this small world with the delicate threads of my unsolicited feelings. I’ve laid the bricks and cemented them with my defunct hopes.
but why am I telling you all this. you would probably not even bother to know if i am dead or alive. I hold a place so meager in you life that you wouldn’t even care to bury my soul which has your name carved.

I think I just have to go through this torment for the almighty hath bestowed me with it.
no this isn’t to make you feel felonious. it is not necessary to walk on each path we cross, isn’t it? it is not necessary to extol every grant of life, we value some things and we don’t value some.
But that doesn’t lower their worth! they are still beautiful like a diamond. A stone which turns to a most precious gem through the worst heat and pressure.

things die with time. agreed..! but sometimes dead mommies walk. The forces awaken them.
Though I might never be able to express the depth of my love in words.
but every time when I shall look into your eyes, somewhere deep down my heart, sitting in a corner would be an ephemeral hope waiting for a revival or. Perhaps waiting for life.!

Every time our paths shall cross you would notice a billion stories waiting to be heard.

you taught me that not every thing we wish for is meant to happen.

and I shall happily flaunt this sweet scar.

Unsent LeTTerS. #4 (a letter to my diary- dedicated to all writers)

This is a letter to my diary. I know it is not the one who might reciprocate me.. But i am sure that this is the only quality which makes a diary my best friend. Writing has always had a cathartic effect on me.. I find it as that staunch, reliable & trustworthy friend with whom I can share anything. The relationship I share with my diary is pure & pious. Far better than any other form of human relationship. So this is to that very material thing in my life which is the witness of everything.. Which is probably more valuable to me than anything else.. This is for ‘my diary’.

Dear diary,
It gives me immense pleasure to pour the droplets of ink on your ever so serene and immaculate pages Stained by my pangs and vehemence. You know what the best part is.?? These blank pages somewhere give me hope.. A hope of survival.. They shout at me that it’s never too late to rewrite your own story, to change the ending, to begin a new beginning… Oh my diary how without even saying a word you added so much to my life.
How could I forget those caliginous nights when the only thing which gave me light was you.. How can I forget those times of treachery where in I used to feel that everything is synthetic and nothing real.. How can I forget those days when I used to feel hexed by those daemons and all I could do was write those unspoken words.. You even absorbed my dropped tears without complaining..! Not to forget those happy days.. Days when I felt accomplished and I fondly use to share those jocund moments. How you’d treasured my immortal memories within you.. How you endured all my scribbling and scrawling.
You isolated me from the world when i needed it the most. I was looking for a way to escape my life, and you showed me the way out. We’ve been through so much together, it would be a lie to say that I am not grateful for your presence in my life. You made me feel safe and secure when I was under social pressure that society imposes. You helped me to pull away from unknown situations, the situations i didn’t know how to escape from.
You kept your word and held to your promise, I have never accepted even a small amount of imperfection. What i have realized is that those ‘memories’ are fake. I have never really felt secure, it was always fear. Big amount of fear. Fear from friends and the Society which was deeply etched in me, fear from rejection and inability to be any less than “perfect”, fear from being average. You were always there, making me feel successful and happy…. No matter whether it was my insecurities, apprehensions, failures, love or solecism.. I could write it all probably because the wasn’t a narcissistic piece of flesh judging me and Forming opinions, but you ‘my loyal friend’…. Dear diary yes you were always there and will be…….!!!!!