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I still remember the first day I created this blog. I would be really honest, I didn’t know that a thing called WordPress exist. My friend shared a link of a post written by an old classmate and it was on WordPress. I was into writing at that time and thought that even I can post something.
I was not an adroit in writing, neither I was the one who’ve had years of practice and has read gazillions of books. I was just a person who wrote to express. It was like saying a lot of things without shouting, crying without squealing and at that time this was what writing meant to me.
Though I always loved reading, it was a passion that somewhere got suppressed under the pathos of life. I managed to share a few of my diary entries and random thoughts on the blog. I initially decided to remain anonymous, but eventually, I added all details.
For one month I didn’t have a single view or a follow and honestly I never cared. My aim to write was basically NOTHING. I was just doing a thing I wanted to. Then came a day and someone commented on a post, which was supposedly pessimistic and the person was trying to instill hope. He started following my blog. I never thought, that there will be a single person in this world who’d like to read what I was writing aimlessly. I was happy, Afterall somewhere we all want our scribblings to be brought to some one’s attention, no matter whether they are a mosaic piece in a world of perfect masterpieces. Then almost two months passed by and I had 2 followers, and that was a lot for me, a lot.
I was not an extensive user of WordPress and knew nothing except posting whatever I feel like. I then started discovering new blogs and I found so many amazing writers out there, penning down their views wrapped in a poetic insight and exquisite expression. People started returning the favor, but with all honesty, I’ve always used this platform to learn and learn. I never knew that this would be a way to connect with so many beautiful souls. Writers and people who are compassionate and humble. People who knew how to uplift others, while raising themselves.
Today the stats might have changed, but the most treasured of all remain your beautiful words. Each and everyone of you who has appreciated, and above all cared to read my mindless ramblings. There are so many people I owe and if I started to name them then you might stop reading this ridiculously long post.. 😛

I never meant to write this because I’ve reached a certain milestone in my stats, but I wanted to express that The happiness and contentment I had even when I didn’t exist in the world of blogging still remains the same. I’ve got what I wanted and that is PURPOSE, rest everything is nugatory. I write because now it has become my passion. I fathomed that words are the most powerful weapon. A person can reach the mind and heart of another person through their words.
Writing has become an inseparable part of my life. And as always I implore all the beautiful souls out here to keep writing and sharing.


I am in love…. <3

For the first time I am festooning this blogosphere with a part of my life. But this was a worth sharing experience. At least I thought so….
LOVE…. Most of us feel this word, we live this word and eventually these four letters encapsulate a whole wide world of feelings. I fell in love and it was the most beautiful feeling. It happened slowly gradually and then all at once. I fell in love with this little sweetheart who is sitting right beside me as I narrate you how beautiful a realization it is.
I would describe our first meet. This little love came by my window and started wailing. I opened the window and guess what.. I saw a pair of solemn eyes staring ever so innocuously at me. I instantly fell in love and tried to get near. he got scared and stepped back. A little trembling baby cat. I fed him and again tried to comfort him. It was as if he understood I won’t harm him. A speechless animal understood by mere gestures that he is being loved. Yes it took some time for him to acknowledge it. Now he has become a comrade, a soulmate. He stays with me.. he reciprocates the love in the most surreal manner and even tries to hide behind me, sits on my lap and above all silently listens to my never ending yarns. I show him my scars I share with him my space. I shower on him my love, and could gaze at him for hours.. Ohhh you mortal human I ask you.. can you ever express a love so profound, that leaves you astound… Can you.. !!
Yes he is an animal and for that matter not a pet animal. A rescued stray animal. But he taught me what it is to share an unconditional bond.
I have named him valentine; because he is love ❤  (the credit goes to a beautiful person who suggested this name)

here I introduce you to my valentine.. 🙂

img_20160908_222736  img_20160908_222957



Blessed are those who have experienced this love, and if you haven’t then don’t wait.. You just need a simple gentle caress and a little compassion to make this perennial bond.. 🙂