BOOK REVIEW, Ernest Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea.

I just finished reading the book I left incomplete a few months ago. The book by none other than the legend himself, “Earnest Hemmingway”. The author doesn’t need an introduction and this work by him is already acclaimed by many.
As difficult as it sounds, if I have to use one word to describe this novella, I shall use “beautiful”
This is one of those stories I’d happily read in childhood as it vividly describes the bright colors of fish, the roaring waves of the sea, a young boy, and yes THE OLD MAN. Characters and object often associated with children’s literature.
But may be I’d have just read the book for the story and nothing else at that time and now when I read it, I can actually feel and fathom that the writer has conveyed myriads of thoughts entrapped in those hundred pages of magic.
The old man suffering from constant failures and still not ready to give up. The young little boy, who’s love and fidelity towards the old man never faded. How he takes care of him, when he slept on newspapers and didn’t have a crumb to eat.
It is a story of hope; a story of not giving up; a story that mystically conveys the fight of a feeble old man against the leviathan sea.
It was a struggle so surreal and how the man marooned in the ocean between sharks and brackish water tries to put all his efforts despite all the forces going constantly against him. How in those times of distress he tries to be sanguine and encouraging himself to keep going. It makes me believe that all the motivation one needs, especially in dire situations, lies within us. We are our own anchors. The defeat is just nugatory, perhaps what matters is the journey, the fight, the spirit and not the result.
I would like to quote a few lines from the book itself,
“Now is no time
to think of what you do not have.
Think of what you can do
with that there is”

Some books please your senses and some touch your soul. This is definitely the latter… 🙂


A STORY. . . . . . .

NO.. it is not just another story, NO it is not drowned in the sea of prevalence, but it rose like the morning sun, so beautiful and full of warmth that you can feel the heat seep in every bit of your flesh. feel the fervor, the chasteness, the immaculacy of a lucid story delicately woven by the thread of passion.

THERE was a girl, pretty ordinary and simplistic. She used to live in a city which was away from the hustle and bustle. She was like a flightless bird who had wings but could not fly. Bestowed with beauty and grace the girl carried herself with dignity. Life was not a joyride for her, she had her own share of vicissitude and treachery and still managed to survive, rather live with an ever smiling face. Life was moving at its own pace entrapped in the quotidian humdrum.
One fine day someone entered her life. A guy from a metro city. The polished, refined and well-versed guy. he was not the perfect prince charming but there was a surreal beauty in his imperfection which appealed to each and every senses of the girl. He was charismatic and had the power to inspire. He was free, gallant and audacious. His sense of freedom made the girl tremor. they started talking, sharing and exploring. Together they reached fantasma and bliss in knowing each other. It was an inexplicable feeling. He gave her some of the most memorable lines that she could possibly gaze on for hours. They were poles apart just like fire and ice, they were near yet so far. they knew each other’s depths but still were strangers. And that’s where the old rules that govern predicaments such as this came in; the opposites attract made much more sense now. The guy was rock hard and had a shield around him. For the world he was someone different but for her he was like a pleasing zephyr… so gentle and sensitive.. She made an effort to see beyond the presented cuticle. It was a roller coaster ride from heaven to hell and the best part being the bond shared was so pious; serene; and pure that it didn’t require a name and perhaps a destination………

follower count.

I still remember the first day I created this blog. I would be really honest, I didn’t know that a thing called WordPress exist. My friend shared a link of a post written by an old classmate and it was on WordPress. I was into writing at that time and thought that even I can post something.
I was not an adroit in writing, neither I was the one who’ve had years of practice and has read gazillions of books. I was just a person who wrote to express. It was like saying a lot of things without shouting, crying without squealing and at that time this was what writing meant to me.
Though I always loved reading, it was a passion that somewhere got suppressed under the pathos of life. I managed to share a few of my diary entries and random thoughts on the blog. I initially decided to remain anonymous, but eventually, I added all details.
For one month I didn’t have a single view or a follow and honestly I never cared. My aim to write was basically NOTHING. I was just doing a thing I wanted to. Then came a day and someone commented on a post, which was supposedly pessimistic and the person was trying to instill hope. He started following my blog. I never thought, that there will be a single person in this world who’d like to read what I was writing aimlessly. I was happy, Afterall somewhere we all want our scribblings to be brought to some one’s attention, no matter whether they are a mosaic piece in a world of perfect masterpieces. Then almost two months passed by and I had 2 followers, and that was a lot for me, a lot.
I was not an extensive user of WordPress and knew nothing except posting whatever I feel like. I then started discovering new blogs and I found so many amazing writers out there, penning down their views wrapped in a poetic insight and exquisite expression. People started returning the favor, but with all honesty, I’ve always used this platform to learn and learn. I never knew that this would be a way to connect with so many beautiful souls. Writers and people who are compassionate and humble. People who knew how to uplift others, while raising themselves.
Today the stats might have changed, but the most treasured of all remain your beautiful words. Each and everyone of you who has appreciated, and above all cared to read my mindless ramblings. There are so many people I owe and if I started to name them then you might stop reading this ridiculously long post.. 😛

I never meant to write this because I’ve reached a certain milestone in my stats, but I wanted to express that The happiness and contentment I had even when I didn’t exist in the world of blogging still remains the same. I’ve got what I wanted and that is PURPOSE, rest everything is nugatory. I write because now it has become my passion. I fathomed that words are the most powerful weapon. A person can reach the mind and heart of another person through their words.
Writing has become an inseparable part of my life. And as always I implore all the beautiful souls out here to keep writing and sharing.

some things left unsaid (part 9)

They were getting nigh to their destination. Their steps were moving, surrendering to their ardor. She was suddenly hit by the sharp pangs of realization. No matter how perfect the moment was, it was not her’s. Whatever path they were leading to might end in a catastrophe. The ice wanted to get melted by the fire, it was near the fire, but the fire was now reaching its core, making it wither away. She budged a little, and his hands wrapped around her disentangled. She was about to say something, she wanted to say a lot, but he stopped her. He kissed her hand, and in ever so serene and soft voice said, “it’s okay”.
Her words perhaps rolled down her cheeks in the form of tears. He hugged her and her tears dropped on his neck. He caressed her, trying to calm her down and they sat again. There was a deafening silence and suddenly everything was murky. There was an upheaval of a lot of things, which were perhaps left unsaid.
They decided to leave and for the last time kissed each other. He dropped her and they bid adieu, in a hope to meet soon again. She went home and for once wanted to flush out everything from her mind, go into complete oblivion. She texted him and thanked him for coming and acknowledging her wishes. He replied the next morning and told her that he reached home safely.
All this left her dazzled about how she felt about it. She wanted to give it time, the pace was too tumultuous for her and she didn’t want to break down.
Their bond was beautiful and ingenuous, she didn’t want to tarnish it. All she wanted was to be there for him, without any demands, without any hopes. She wanted to be like a pleasing zephyr, touching his senses and pacifying him.
As time passed by, they both got engulfed in the tumultuous world. She wanted to believe that let her be content by the little space she had in his life, let her not kindle desires within herself that might never be fulfilled.. But ultimately she fell for him. She fell in love for the person he was, she fell in love with those little scattered moments, she fell in love with his soul and she fell in love very slowly and gradually, like you consume a drug and it takes time to get into your blood and then your heart pumps it everywhere and your whole body becomes its abode. For her he was the drug she got addicted to…  She cried, loud to finish the space he’d created in her heart, a void which was eating her away.. but the feelings didn’t go away with the tears. She was finally in love with someone she never thought of. He is still a part of her life. The first person she fell for could not be her’s.. She locked her emotions in the chasms of the darkest corners of her heart.. Because as they say.. ‘somethings are best left unsaid’






ae zindagi… teri berooki ko ashkon me baha diya maine;
seher ke intazaar me chaand ko aaftab bana diya maine.
ranjhishe aaj bhi kaid hai dil ke kisi kone me;
unhi ke katro se apna aashiyana bana liya maine.
Ruswaa hain aaj bhi hum un andheri galiyon me,
jahan apna vajood kho chuke hum teri keher ke angaaron me.
ab na koi shikwa na gile hain,
har taraf ab gum ke silsile hain.
ae zindagi… teri berooki ko ashkon me baha diya maine.

khamoshi .

kyun ye khamoshi hai tere mere darmiyan,
Kyun sab kuch tham sa gaya hai tere mere darmiyan.
kyun teri nigahe jhuki hai, kyu ye dil dukhi hai,
Be’sabab mahobbat ko aj lafzo ki kami hai
in ankho me chupi ek gumnaam si nami hai.
Tishnagi thi teri ulfat me kho jane ki,
khud ko mita kar tujhme simat jane ki.
Tamaam Khwab Mukhtasar mulaqato me beh gaye,
kitne alfaaz labbo pr aate aate reh gaye.
Justajoo to aaj bhi hain teri Tabassum me doob jane ki,
teri Talkhi mein Fanaa ho jane ki.
Lekin Ab sirf khamoshi hai tere mere darmiya.



when I was lost in the labyrinth of solicitude and amore,
when the whole world looked not less than an ogre:
I found myself..
when the rosiness of oh so splendid life vanished;
I found myself…
When The eternal chase of defunct desires and dead dreams ended;
I found myself..
When I emptied my soul for the tremor in me could not longer be sustained;
I found myself…
When the delusion finally converged with  it’s rationale;
I found myself..
When the colors of the resplendent painting faded:
I found myself…
When the battle got over and the courage got  it’s cicatrix;
I found myself…
When the storm subsided and the destruction was peace;
I finally found myself…!