A STORY. . . . . . .

NO.. it is not just another story, NO it is not drowned in the sea of prevalence, but it rose like the morning sun, so beautiful and full of warmth that you can feel the heat seep in every bit of your flesh. feel the fervor, the chasteness, the immaculacy of a lucid story delicately woven by the thread of passion.

THERE was a girl, pretty ordinary and simplistic. She used to live in a city which was away from the hustle and bustle. She was like a flightless bird who had wings but could not fly. Bestowed with beauty and grace the girl carried herself with dignity. Life was not a joyride for her, she had her own share of vicissitude and treachery and still managed to survive, rather live with an ever smiling face. Life was moving at its own pace entrapped in the quotidian humdrum.
One fine day someone entered her life. A guy from a metro city. The polished, refined and well-versed guy. he was not the perfect prince charming but there was a surreal beauty in his imperfection which appealed to each and every senses of the girl. He was charismatic and had the power to inspire. He was free, gallant and audacious. His sense of freedom made the girl tremor. they started talking, sharing and exploring. Together they reached fantasma and bliss in knowing each other. It was an inexplicable feeling. He gave her some of the most memorable lines that she could possibly gaze on for hours. They were poles apart just like fire and ice, they were near yet so far. they knew each other’s depths but still were strangers. And that’s where the old rules that govern predicaments such as this came in; the opposites attract made much more sense now. The guy was rock hard and had a shield around him. For the world he was someone different but for her he was like a pleasing zephyr… so gentle and sensitive.. She made an effort to see beyond the presented cuticle. It was a roller coaster ride from heaven to hell and the best part being the bond shared was so pious; serene; and pure that it didn’t require a name and perhaps a destination………


44 thoughts on “A STORY. . . . . . .

      1. ohhh even I do…. but sometimes I get engrossed… the thing is I myself don’t like reading long stories now a days.. hahah so I love reading what u write only if u don’t keep a suspense at the end πŸ˜›

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      2. Haha… Well, even I don’t know if I can complete it but dearly want to give it a try.
        What does this line implies “like I do like suspense… For the fact that it holds you.”?

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