I miss u…. the fact that you don’t even think about me…. I thought I will NEVER contact you… why I always give up… every time…. I succumb to my desires… why …

tired of this one-sided affection… Lying to myself.. suppressing the little things that remind me of you.

sometimes I think… I didn’t even know anything about you… Nothing… you were a fantasy that became a reality.. and now this reality is eating me up like a termite…

As lucky as I feel to have got some moments with you, I also feel like somewhere it rendered me drained. To want somethings. Should I thank god for giving me this moment or should I curse myself for enjoying my illusionary image of you, trying to run behind things which were never mine. How I wish I got the chance to tell you ever how suffocated I feel when your accessibility seems impossible.

How many times I cry myself to sleep wishing that maybe someday you will be there beside me and I can lie on your shoulder and get wrapped in your arms, how surreal would that be. How many times I have dreamt about us and was hankering for a life with you.

Even though it is impossible to achieve, Why am I not able to make myself believe that the path I am walking on shall lead me to utter destruction and I will spend the whole lifetime picking up the delicate pieces of my love.

all I have for now is a lot of complains. I never really wanted you, but since you came near and gave me the taste of love, I can somehow not stop wanting for more.

If you were never supposed to be a part of my life, then why did god send you to me. It is better to not have something than to have something and lose it.

Despite all this I still miss you a lot.


40 thoughts on “I MISS YOU.

  1. Could understand deeply everything. 😊
    When someone we love leaves us, we just break down… Don’t know what else to say… I can write numerous words about it. I have written and they will never ever suffice.

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  2. Hey!!Krati…beautifully crafted writeupπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
    haahaa..again i morever feels like a hint of real experience in it thats the beauty of your writing.Keep writing & i hope you enjoyed diwali week😎

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  3. Although the intensity of a broken heart cannot be measured in any metric system. But its the experience that counts. An experience to know how it feels when we knowingly/unknowingly fall into a pit of darkness which in turn shows us the light.
    Because, without the bitter sweet ain’t the sweetest. πŸ™‚
    Good post.
    have a nice day. πŸ™‚

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