An incomplete conversation. . .

The words in bracket denote the thoughts.

she:- (I realized my love for you amidst all the ruckus and
chaos of the unruly world. I want to confess it now.. whisper
the chime of my feelings in your ears.. I have waited for this
day since a long time. Wondering every time what words in the
world can delineate what you mean to me.)

SHE-: heyy.. I’m eagerly waiting for the day when we
are meeting..!

HE:- me too..!! and I want to say something….

SHE:- WHAT? πŸ™‚

HE:- I want to tell you my love story. It’s a long one so
bear with me okay..!!

SHE:- I also wanted to say something.. But I guess not any
more. (tears rolled down the cheek, and evry thing seemed
hazy.. It was as if someone has sucked the life out of her
and suddenly it was a lethal abyss she was trapped in)

HE:- But why so. ?? Our bond was never this weak. We’ve
shared everything and anything. Then why won’t you tell.

SHE:- It won’t make any sense now..

HE:- But why won’t it?? I have always respected you and your

SHE:- I forgot that there is a difference between respecting
and embracing…!
(May be my chimeric castle was meant to burn in the fire of
my agony)


29 thoughts on “An incomplete conversation. . .

      1. umm… But this story sounded a tad hopeless… she tried confessing it indirectly and somewhat openly as well.. she did everything except yes the final confession.. So I suggested to move on and try to forget everything..!! May be it was never meant to be

        But as of writing… I can give it another ending.. But life shall perhaps never do so..!

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      2. Yeah! Somehow we are surrounded by fears of loosing things in real life unlike movies or stories but maybe she’ll get someone best & more deserving in future..crux is to live with positivity in life!!

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  1. Sad! Sometime it happens but life gives everyone a fair opportunity…

    thank you for following my blog Life iz Amazing ( ). I hope you have enjoyed my hindi poems πŸ™‚

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